Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How do they do that?!

I visit a lot of websites. Since my job allows me to sit at a desk (for most days) I get to do a lot of research on design trends, colors...that kinda stuff.

There is a new (new to me anyway) blog that I've started following, My bestie, Caitlin, turned me on to it (accidentally, she posted something about it with her sister, Colleen, on FB and I was nosy...anyway, I follow it now.)

I have also just been turned onto (the people who have (for getting married) (for those who are preggers) yeah, they have just about

So here is what I don't understand and would like clarification on. These are, primarily, young couples, who have these awesome homes. How do they AFFORD these remodels? How do they get their homes to look like they just fell off the pages of W?

We are beyond blessed and thankful to own our house. That, in and of itself, is a HUGE expense. But then let's talk about decorating it. I don't have an extra $30,000 laying around to renovate my kitchen, 'just because I didn't like the cabinets'. I'm all about working with what we've got.

When I just logged onto thenest I saw another spotlight on a 'young' couple who has this uh-mazing house.

This makes me think of how magazine editors only use SUPER skinny models, which makes normal teenage girls feel bad about themselves. Where is the realistic approach to designing for young couples, without them going into TERRIBLE debt?

Maybe these are terrible things to say as an interior designer, because I should be more creative with my own surroundings? But, most twenty-somethings I know, simply just cannot afford all new things, so they use what is (was) in their parents garage, their old bedroom or whatever they can get their hands on...