Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hot dogs anyone?

So I'm looking through some websites for inspiration for the summer camp program I'm doing this week. I got a teensey bit distracted by this link for "top 10 summer cupcakes" (I has nothing to do with animals, or camp...but whatever)

Well, here's the thing. Check out this photo and tell me you wouldn't have clicked on it too...
I know right?! How CUTE are those cupcakes? I didn't read to find out how they made the burger, but the hot dog bun is a circus peanut (the orange ones...mmm, so gooey and wonderful!) and the actual hot dog is a, drum roll...TOOTSIE ROLL! OMG, I almost died at how cute they were!!

Now I can't wait to make 'em!! (I'll keep you updated on that!)Here's the link for the recipe from Disney's Family Fun website! (yay! Disney!)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Get ready!

I realized last week that I needed a new desk. And yesterday it was delivered and today I am already more productive than I have been in a while.

Its amazing what a desk can do...

So get ready to hear a lot more from me now that I can access my computer without worrying about spiders, bugs and other "things"...


Monday, June 6, 2011

Jumpin' Jack Flash

Have you ever seen the movie Jumpin' Jack Flash with Whoopi Goldberg? I grew up watching this movie and a few weeks ago the Rolling Stones song, Jumpin' Jack Flash, came on the radio and I thought, "darn- I haven't seen the movie in a while!"

Fast forward to last night. We went up to the lake house to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and catch a little time with the fam...when we get home (after a quick stop at KFC- who DOESN'T love their mashed potatoes and I right?) I flip through the channels and, BE STEAL MY HEART, Jumpin' Jack Flash is on! RIGHT NOW!

It had started about an hour earlier...and I'm fuzzy on the very beginning of the movie, but I tell you what...I was so excited to see the movie on air again, I took a shower during a commercial break, then ran back out and dried off when it came commercial, dried my was awesome :)

In totally other news, the SPCA summer camp plans are rolling along wonderfully! I found out this morning we have kids registered (which is so exciting for me! I can't believe all the work I've done planning and thinking and planning some now actually going to be used on little people! YAY!)