Sunday, May 18, 2014


(Anyone else watch Hell's Kitchen? Each time we start the show, that song gets stuck. In. My. DANG HEAD for several days at a time. Like, getting a pot on the stove while making dinner...turn on the burner, start singing FIIIIIIIYAH! WOOOH-OOOOH!!" Then start dancing, and then add the pasta to the pot...)

So here's why I'm talking about food, because its my weakness. Not that I have a food problem, not that I overeat, not that I cannot contain myself when I see a bag of Oreo''s why food is my weakness. Because I cannot cook.

Simple, really. I have a difficult time in the kitchen. Shopping for food. I can walk around the produce section for hours and not be inspired. I look through a cookbook and start salivating and then wonder which store I can buy something like that from. Not make it myself. Why? Because I cannot cook.

I don't enjoy cooking. But I love food. Baking I can do. Actually, baking I totally enjoy, I make a bad-ass chocolate chip cookie as a matter of fact. And I think everything is better with sprinkles on it. The more the better!

So while The Hubs and I are watching Hell's Kitchen tonight (yeah, we are a week behind...that's what happens with a toddler, right? Although, props to us for only being ONE week behind. There are several shows that are sitting on our DVR right now, probably wondering if they got cancelled because they haven't been in our cue for several months...) the contestants had 30 minutes to create a meal based on what mystery food was sitting under the giant silver domes.

In less that three minutes, real time, they had beautiful meals sitting under domes waiting to be judged and that's when I said to The Hubs- "they only had 30 minutes and LOOK WHAT THEY MADE! I could have been in there for two hours and come up with like, chicken. And maybe a side of something that I found in the freezer. That I thawed." And do you know what The Hubs said in response? "Put any of them into a blank room and they will stand there. Uninspired. You go into that room, and things come alive. That's the difference between your passion and their's."

Oh. Well when you say it like thaaaaaaaat.

I will keep trying to cook (mainly because I need to feed my family) and keep finding recipes online, adding them to my "recipe box"...some of them I'm actually considering making. One day. Probably not soon. hehe