Monday, June 21, 2010

Cookie of the Day

If this photo doesn't make you want to lick your computer screen, you might want to check your pulse.
You wanna lick it, don't you? Here's the recipe....

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A week behind...

I usually watch Army Wives; and then record the next week. Well, mama's been a little busy and didn't think after the last episode, I should record the next weeks episode; which left me a week behind.

Well, I had an opportunity tonight to catch up on my missed episode. OMG; so glad I recorded it!

When Michael and Frank are singing to the baby to get her to sleep...HAHAHAHAHAHA! That was fantastic...I just enjoy this show so much :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Meant to be

Recently our Target started giving out coupons at random. I asked the cashier one day what I had to do to get one of the coveted random coupons. She said, "uhm, I dunno". "Oh. Okay. Thanks for clearing that up for me!"

Every time I'd check out of Target I'd have my fingers crossed that I'd get one of the magical coupons. (Yes, I started to build them up in my head as being magical- don't judge!) One day, after many weeks of finger crossing, I get one!


"Buy three Lean Pockets, save .75". Oh. Not as magical as I was hoping for, but at least I've broken the spell. I quickly file it away in my coupon organizer (which, if you don't have one, I highly suggest investing in $1.50 I've spent!)

About a week later, I check out of Target (yes, I might have a slight obsession with Target, but seriously, who doesn't?) and GUESS WHAT?! The magical coupon printer pops out another coupon! Figuring it was another Lean Pocket coupon, I just asked the lady to put it in the bag with the receipt. (If it was as lame as the last coupon, I didn't want to cry in public, I'd rather do it in the safety of my own home...)

So I get home, unpack and look at the receipt and coupon. My eyes bugged out of my head a little. "Free 8x8 Shutterfly photo book, up to $29.99 value!"

WHAT?! I didn't even cross my fingers! This is fantastic! This is amazing, oh gosh, I might faint! I steady myself on the counter, and then realize, now I can print out my portfolio, in a hawt little book...for FREE!

And that's exactly what I did. I uploaded photos, dragged and dropped them in the photo book, entered the code at the bottom of my magical coupon and that was that! All I paid for was shipping!

I couldn't have been more excited when, in less than five days, guess what shows up in our mailbox?! My portfolio! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! It is beautiful and shiny and perfect.

Thank you Target and your magical coupon printer for helping me out when I needed it most! Somethings really are meant to be!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mothers and daughters

Growing up we had our biological aunts, and then our parents friends who were such a big part of our lives, that they too got dubbed "aunt".

In high school, my parents became friends with Craig...who married Lynda, who had children the same time my parents did. Uncle Craig and Aunt Lynda have been there for it all...their oldest daughter is my age (I'm the youngest of three) and they have two children younger than me.

When my parents got married, Uncle Craig was one of their groomsmen even!

Since we grew up the street from each other, their oldest and I (since we were the same age) were besties. It wasn't until my family moved to Florida and Uncle Craig and Aunt Lynda's middle child, Caitlin, came to visit my sister for a week.

My sister became really busy during her visit and since it was summer and I was home, Caitlin and I suddenly realized, "hey, we have a lot in common..." and so a best friendship was born.

When I got married four years ago, Caitlin was in our wedding. The night of my bachelorette party, I made my three girls tank tops. My sisters said, "I'm the BIG little sister" other bridesmaids said, "We've been best friends since third grade"...and Caitlin's said "We've been best friends since I was in utero".

Caitlin comes and visits the hubs and I every chance she can, which is why our guest room is actually called "Caitlin's Room" (you know, until we have a kid and all...)

Last month Caitlin and her mom (my Aunt Lynda) came to have a girls weekend with my mom and I in Ohio! We took this photo in one of the shops on our town square (yeah, our town has a historic square, its soooooooo Norman Rockwell!)

How fun is it to see the mothers and daughters! I love this picture; the moms in the middle flanked by the kids :) It just makes me smile (oh, and for some reason, neither Caitlin or I is standing next to our mom, for some reason we switched moms for the photo!) haha
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

McDonald's meets West Elm

Some McDonald's are getting face lifts! (I hope they don't go overboard like Joan Rivers- oh, while we are talking about Joan...have you seen her new show on TVLand, "How'd You Get So Rich?" is WONDERFUL! She's hilarious!) Moving on...

So McDonald's is getting updated, check this out. Looking at the pictures, it totally reminds me of West Elm (which, when the hubs and I took a lil' vaycay to Columbus, OH we went into West Elm and lemme tell you- swoooooon!)

This might sound funny, but my favorite part about the restaurant face lift is the Restrooms sign hanging from the ceiling...I heart that :)

What are your thoughts? Should McDonald's stay old school with plastic benches or branch out to a more modern, clean-line look?