Friday, November 15, 2013

If you give a designer a paint brush...

Ever read the book "If you give a mouse a cookie"?
If you haven't read this book (which, if you haven't, what kind of childhood did you have? Seriously...this is a MUST read!) here's a quick rundown: if you give him a cookie, he will ask for milk...which means he will need a napkin and it just keeps snowballing from there...

Several years ago, I painted our half bath navy blue. 

Our trim is pure white (which was another project I did several years ago. Took two weeks out of my life and did, what I called "Operation Honey to White"...where everything in the house which was honey oak, became white. I ended up getting bronchitis from this because of all the fumes- but whatever, our house looked HAWT!) and one wall in our half bath didn't have a straight cut-in against the baseboard. This might not bother some people...but for me, every time I went into that bathroom (I work from home, so do the math how many visits I make in a day) I'd look at the baseboard and scowl. Yesterday, as Lil' Dude went down for his nap, I went to the bathroom and I decided. Today. Was. The. FREAKIN DAY! (Now you might be getting all, "Erin, what the heck took you so long?" All I'm gonna say, I. Had. A. Baby. I've been busy with other keeping a little person alive, and happy...and guess what else? The Hubs likes to eat. Dinner. Every night. So yeah...a few years slipped by...)

I grabbed my bitty paint brush (the one with no handle...which fits perfectly into my hand and makes me happy!) and went to town on the baseboards. Then I couldn't I touched up the boards in the foyer, which led to the kitchen...then I decided it was time to stop with the downstairs and move upstairs (just in case he woke up super quick) so I did...and it was good

Baseboards in the master bathroom, the door frame into our bathroom, the door frame into the master bedroom...and then, the cherry on top. As I was walking down the stairs, I realized the banister could use a fresh coat! 

As I was washing my paint brush, I realized I was that mouse. I was the mouse, who needed a cookie (in this case a paint brush) and then a cup of milk (pint of white paint) and a napkin to wipe my milk mustache (paint splatter)...I mean REALLY?! I've always been fond of Mickey Mouse...but who knew I'd find similarities between me and a lil' mouse I read about in first grade!

Things that make you go, hu?, right?!