Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Accepting applications

When I started Erinteriors, I always said that my animals were my co-workers. (Since, ya know, I don't really have a "crew"...its just me!)

Artichoke, our parrotlete, was my PR girl. Her spunky personality brought the house to life every morning. She wasn't a talker, more of a squeaker and chirp-er, but she could MAKE HER POINT! (Just like every good PR does!)

Jack, our puggle, was my VP of Operations. He inspected everything, made sure my blueprints were up to snuff (or sniff!)
Recently I've learned how empty an office can feel when my co-workers leave. Last May, Artichoke passed away- after having her for over 15 years, I woke up one morning and she was on the bottom of her house. I thought our house was quiet without her chirps or her grinding her beak.

This May, we had to put my VP to sleep. He was diagnosed with bladder cancer, and within a month of the diagnosis, he was gone. He was 9-1/2. What started as a UTI, very quickly became evident of a greater condition.

The house is so quiet now that we only have two fish left as pets. (And, as you can guess, fish aren't really that awesome at answering the phone, or making friends on a walk around the block...) Yesterday I brought home Jack's ashes. Now I'm on the hunt for an urn that's cool enough to hold the coolest dog I ever met. This is the front runner...he's currently residing in a cherry box; which is just too generic for me.

So now, I'm accepting applications. I hope the fish don't mind.