Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lions, tigers and bears!

One of my clients asked me to plan a party she's hosting...and, while I'm not going to show and tell anything until after the party...I've got to say, its lookin' like a jungle in here!

...oh its going to be awesome!!

Photos sooooooon!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

If you give Erin a chair....

For the past four years we have enjoyed a corner bookcase that showcases our Disney collectibles. We got the bookcase from the hubs great grandmother. When I first saw it I thought, "eek! This is perfect. Its so unique! We have a corner that will make a great home for it!" (I didn't even see that it was lime green with a gold crackle finish...I just saw the bones.)

I'm like, an x-ray machine.

It didn't get too far out of the truck before it was spray painted black. I have a trigger finger with black spray paint. That's just how I roll. (I tend to buy several cans of black spray paint to keep in the house, "just in case"...haha)

So the other day we are watching a movie with the fam...and it hits me. We need more seating in here. It was like a bolt of lighting struck me down. DUH!

Here's what the corner looks like now

Since I'm making my maiden voyage to IKEA this weekend (I know...I know...) I've got a list brewing in my head of what I want to look for...how much I want to spend. The requirement I have for a chair for this corner is simple- it must be comfortable. I intend to sit on it UH-LOT so comfy is a top priority.

I'm liking this chair. Its simple. Black. Price, HELLO?! Can you beat $79? I don't think so...but it will have to past the butt-test. I can't wait!
Then I'd also have to have a great side table to go with it...and probably a lamp...ooooooh- this is going to be like the kids book, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"- ever read it? Yeah...I'm that mouse.

Friday, February 4, 2011


My business is being in peoples homes. Which means, when I enter, I take off my shoes. I'm respectful of the home owners items. Since I don't know if you have allergies or not, I don't wear perfume. I introduce myself, with a handshake, so if we don't know each other, now we have a formal beginning.

So, when we have a service provider come to our home, I expect the same type of service. (Not the whole, perfume thing...'specially if its a man) but you get my point.

We just had a service provider come to our home. He comes in, doesn't introduce himself, puts on the blue booties, asks, "where's this going?". Oh. Bubble burst. Immediately.

Then I see him outside doing work, for about half hour he's out there. When he comes back into the house, he reeks of smoke. My husband and I don't smoke. So it was painfully obvious that he just did.

Here's the thing. I don't care if you smoke; that's your business. But when you are on a service call, is it really the most professional thing to do? Why not smoke in between customers homes? So, by the time you get to your next call, the smell has dissipated a bit?

I know your asking, "so what did you do Erin?" Here's what I did. As soon as he walked back outside, I ran upstairs, opened the window, and FLEW back down to my computer. (I may or may not have been catching my breath when he came back into the house...)

Bottom line, if you're in the business of making house calls, do yourself a favor and be considerate that not everyone smokes, therefore doesn't appreciate you smelling up their home.

Ahhh, I feel much better now!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

That didn't last long...

This morning I changed the blog, again.

Although, I feel I can honestly say this will keep me happy for a while.
(and yes, my fingers might be crossed behind my back...)