Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I kept thinking to myself, just before going to sleep, "I need to post something on my blog". Then I'd wake up the next day and repeat my bad pattern. I had no idea more than a MONTH has passed since my last post! If you read Erinteriors and have been anxiously awaiting a new post, here it is! And I deeply apologize for not putting this up sooner!

See, here's part of the problem. I like to add photos to my blog posts. I feel that a post without a photo is, well, boring. No matter how great the text, pictures make it pretty.

I guess this is why I enjoy children's books so much, they have waaay more pictures in them than adult books (yawn!).

So what's happened in a month? I have been plentifully busy with projects (which is such a blessing!) I haven't been making dinner as often as a result of those projects (not really a bad thing, I gotta tell you! Although Martha Stewart might disagree...) The hubs and I hosted Mother's Day brunch at our house (which I really enjoy doing for the mom's. Especially when they get up to help clear the table...and I get to yell at them, "no! Go, sit! Nooooooow!") Oh, we also hosted our first ever Easter Egg-straviganza on Easter eve.

You may be asking, "Erin, who celebrates Easter Eve?" Well, we do (specifically I do.) I love hosting holidays at our house but I don't like hosting the actual holiday (they tend to come with high expectations and lots of grief) so instead, I host the "eve" holidays (except Christmas eve, because that's like, just as important as the big day itself...)

My eve tradition started while growing up, every Thanksgiving eve my family would have greasy burgers and fries. When the hubs and I got married, his family was very open to my family traditions and so I introduced the fam to greasy burgers. (They have been a huge hit for the last six years...) Why stop at Thanksgiving though...I started celebrating all the other eve's too...Easter, St.Patrick's Day (well, actually, since I'm Irish, we celebrate St.Patrick's day on the actual day) Arbor Day- you get my drift...

I feel it allows the family to jump start the holiday 24 hours early and hey, getting together with the family, all in one place, at one time with good food? Who would complain about that?