Thursday, August 22, 2013


Sometimes I will sit by myself and have nothing on my mind. Literally, nothing. I call these my 'blank' moments because my mind is literally, blank.

Now, when these moments happen to me, I'm amazed (as would be anyone who knows me) because I'm never sitting still. I don't believe in waiting for things to happen, I don't believe in just being. I believe in moving, shaking, doing SOMETHING. Even if its walking around with the duster (because everyone's house can be dusted I right?)

So, just now I finished up a layout for a friend's house, Lil' Dude is asleep, the hubs is busy and I'm sitting here and I realize. My mind is blank. Like, I just opened a Microsoft Word document, blank.

What makes me giggle about this most is that if someone gave me a blank room to work in, my mind would start going a million miles an hour. I'd have wall colors and lamps and decor and stuff. But when I wake up, before the tv is on or the computer is open, I'm able to appreciate my 'blank' moments best.

Because once the day starts and the noise begins, it seems it doesn't end at times. The microwave is beeping because the milk is heated up, the computer bings to let me know I have a new email, the car makes a new noise (new because the car itself is new...therefore I have no idea what any of the lights or "helpful" indicators actually mean) doesn't end. Until I have a blank moment.

That little bit of time where I can have a clear head, put things back into perspective, count my blessings (which I already do like a thousand-gillion times a more time wouldn't hurt!) regroup and then, open the microwave, pull out the milk, check the email and read what that light means in the manual...