Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday

I don't buy into the 3 am Black Friday madness. You will never find me standing outside Target at 4 am, no matter how great the deal is. Just won't happen.

But what will I do? I will sit at my computer on cyber Monday and snatch up wonderful deals for my family. That I will do because a) its warm in here, b) I don't have to wrestle someone for the (fill in the blank) c) I get to have presents waiting for me in a few days at my doorstep! (And that always makes me smile!)

Here's my favorite list for cyber Monday shopping: (seriously, they have everything)
New York and Co. (because being well dressed should NEVER cost full price!) (who doesn't love a great deal on a ceramic deer head?) (up to 25% off your order + free shipping on Mickey?! Bring it on!) (check out all their free shipping items!)

And there you have it. Now go pick up your own deer head!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Doesn't matter how old I am...

You've heard people say, "I'm a kid at heart"...but they wear stuffy suits all day, and pretentious socks (which match) and their designer can you be a kid at heart, when your socks always match, I'd like to know?

After people know me (some only for a few minutes) and I say "I love everything Disney"...they get it. They get me. It all makes sense; because I live my life as a kid at heart (with a few random responsibilities thrown in there...but whatever).

Take for example kids, they like me. Perfect strangers children will walk up to me, and ask to play (of course I will, ONLY if I get the nod from the parent...) I'm pretty sure it had something to do with my outlook on life: its good.

So yesterday I'm sitting at the doctor's office waiting (because you can never get in when your appointment is...NEVER) and in walks a mom and her little girl. Pig tails high on her head, velcro shoes and in either hand she's got a Buzz Lightyear. In my head I think, "what a cool little girl...she's rockin Buzz!".

I look back to my book and notice the little girl is standing about six inches from me. Just looking at me. I look up, "hi". "Hi!" this simple word started a very long conversation (with a two year old) about Buzz and Woody...and the other characters in the movie. The mom looks at me and says, "Sorry"...I explain that its perfectly okay, I love Toy Story...

Mom tells the little girl to put the toys back and take a seat next to her. Little girl says, "hmmm". Puts the toys down, grabs two books, walks back over to me and hands me the books.

"Here go". And as I close my book because I think, "Sure, I'll read 1,2,3 ABC" They call my name and I get up. "bye" I say to my new friend. "oh. Bye!"

Here's my point, doesn't matter how old I am, I will totally sit on the floor and play with kids, get dirt under my finger nails and watch cartoons on Saturday (and Sunday) mornings. That's just who I am.

To honor my inner child (who often resides on the outside of me) here is the trailer for Cars 2.


Monday, November 15, 2010

I love me some Christmas, but...

When I first met my hubby he laid the law down about holiday decorating. "There will not be a mistletoe hung, nor a tree cut down, until December 1. Then you can go wild."


At first I didn't understand this and called him the Grinch because I didn't understand holding off on getting into the Christmas spirit. And then I slowly started to understand.

You might remember my post in August about me getting into the Christmas spirit a little early (I bought fantastic ornaments; but hey, they were on super sale!) and then catching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (and believe me, when it came on, I turned on the surround sound and had me a jolly-good-time!) My point is that it all seemed a little harmless in August.

Then stores started putting our all their Christmas stuff. In September. And then, when I was in Kohl's two weekends ago with my mom (checking out their Christmas selections, of course!) Jingle Bells was playing overhead.

So last night the hubs and I are talking about getting some cool socks and he says, "Let's go to Kohl's!" and I realize he's going to complain while we are in the store (that is FULLY decorated for Christmas) about it being too early for the decorations and most of all, the music.

We walk in and I notice I'm talking a little louder than usual; trying to cover the music in the background. Then he realizes what I'm doing. We both laughed, checked out their sock selection (they didn't have what we needed) and headed over to Target...

My point for this post is this: when is it TOO early to decorate or start celebrating for Christmas? Should we wait until after Thanksgiving?

And what about Christmas lights outside? When's too early?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Back in the day...

I never thought I'd be one of those people who when talking about life, would refer to "back in the day". But I've become one of those people. Case in point:

When I was in college at the end of every class we'd have to put together display boards. Boards that would display my hard work I've put into the class project. Boards that would get me ready for "the real world". Boards that would impress.

To take a simple piece of foam core board and slap some samples on it was not acceptable. These boards needed to become a piece of art. A project all themselves. And they never failed to impress.

But here's the thing, they took forever to create. Thankfully I never had to do it alone. My friend Derona and I were in all the same classes, so we suffered together.

Here's how the process went:
- buy a piece of foam core
- buy a piece of colored Canson paper
- buy spray glue to attach Canson paper to foam core
- Pray (a lot) while spraying glue onto board that it went on evenly
- Pray (again) while positioning the Canson paper to the wet glued foam core board
- Curse when you found a bubble
- Pray that you'd be able to pull the Canson paper off without tearing it
- Curse when you tear the paper
- Thank God that you bought an extra sheet of paper
- Reapply spray glue
- Reposition paper, spread out any bubbles
- Thank God you've completed one board.

Repeat at least four more times.

Yes. We always had at minimum four boards for a class, but typically ended with five.

By the time we were nearing the end of college, we had this down to a science. What started out as an hour event (per board) turned into a mere 15 minute display of fine tuned skills.

Imagine my surprise however when for a current project I'm asked to create a display board. Immediately my mind races back to my spray glue/Canson paper drama; but then I remind myself, "You can do this! You've done this before and nailed it..."

So I walk to the foam core section of our craft store and stare at the blank boards in front of me; begging to be covered in a beautiful colored paper and adorned with stunning samples. And then, something catches my eye. A piece of foam core that has a pre-pasted side.


Literally, all you have to do is PEEL AND STICK! I almost had a melt down right then and there in the store.



"I REMEMBER BACK IN THE DAY..." and then I realized I just said, "back in the day". I sobered up, grabbed my board, paid and couldn't email Derona fast enough about my new find. And when we talked, we both made mention of "back in the day..."

Here's a picture of how EASY it was to get my board ready for paper...

And the finished product:

Total time start to finished? About 5 minutes. Kids these days have it so easy...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

One for the Money

Last year I started reading the Stephannie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich based on my mother-in-laws recommendation. I have never laughed so hard reading a book.

I was born in New York and we moved to Florida when I was eight, but a lot of my family still lives in the state. A lot of my family has "the accent". I was able to relate a lot of my family members to characters in these books which made it more "real".

If you are looking for a book to read on a long plane ride- DO NOT get this book. Why? Because the people that are around you will want to sleep, but can't because your laughing will keep them awake. You might get punched. Just a word of caution.

And now they are making the first book a movie! WAHOO!! Here's the cast video; if you've read the books, you will DIE laughing at who Connie is. I cannot WAIT to see this movie. This is my Star Wars. This is the movie I will stay up for if there is a midnight release. (There probably won't be a midnight release...which makes me happy- 'cause I need my sleep.)

Here's the video link. Now go out and read the book. You won't be sorry!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dr. Seuss you are not...

It seems that everyone whose anyone writes a book. Every morning I watch The Today show (hi Matt and Mer!)and every morning they are interviewing someone about their new book. Jimmy Carter just wrote another book (his 25th!) and right now I'm watching Matt interview Buddy "The Cake Boss". He wrote a book. Seriously.

Earlier on The Today show, Ricky Martin was on talking about his new book called "Me". Do you remember Ricky Martin? He was living la vida loca, er, 10 years ago...but of course, now he's got a new album coming out so it only makes sense that he'd write a book about his "glory days" (to remind all of us who he is probably) And what's the book about? Lemme look at the title again, "Me". Oh. Right.

Maybe I'm being hard on all these people, I just wonder when these people walked into a publisher did they cock their head to the side (like I'm doing) and wonder, "really? You want to write a book?"

I don't think either Buddy or Ricky will end up being the next Dr.Seuss- in the mean time I might head over to Borders and read the back of the know- morbid curiosity.

Monday, November 1, 2010

100th Post

Halloween was one of my favorite holidays growing up. Not because of the candy or because of the costumes, but because it was the one day every year I could knock on a strangers door, it would open and I would get to sneak a peak into their home. (The candy was always a huge bonus...)

Some people feel destined to become a singer. Some hope they will be a great doctor. Some wander around in life until their calling finds them.

I have been blessed to know what I've wanted to do since I was eight. I want to design. I want to create beautiful places for people to live and play and eat in. I want to make people smile when they walk into a space.

Being able to use this blog as a means to sharing my passion with people makes me feel good. Some days I get ready to write here and fall short of what I actually want to say. How do I balance my quirky, child-like side with the professional "Please-take-me-serious" side? I'm still trying to figure that out.

In the mean time, I can't wait to have children and take them trick or treating so we can knock on doors together and I can sneak a peak at peoples homes again! hehe