Saturday, March 27, 2010

Clinique green to Languid Blue...

So, after I raved about the Clinique green I was going to paint the bathroom, I had a change of heart.

When I'm with a client or talking to someone about their home, its always so easy for me to help them make a decision and give them that extra pat on the back they need for encouragement to help them know they are making the right decision.

I on the other hand become a great big fickle mess with my own house, which is why its taken almost four years for it to become exactly what I wanted. Yes, I said FOUR years. Seriously...

So I went from Clinique green, which, honestly I would have gotten the paint mixed right away except I had an EEK-moment one morning while using my toner. (What does any of this have to do with paint? Go with me...)

The Clinique green I wanted was the green of my face wash bottle. A simple, light, translucent green. One morning I was applying my toner (or, as Clinique calls it "exfoliating lotion"...whatevs) I looked at the "Clinique green" cap and realized I hated that shade of green. And, what if that is the color of my bathroom?

I had a mini panic attack.

I didn't want my toner cap green. I wanted my face wash green. How would the paint person at Home Depot know the difference? Maybe my face wash color green, when mixed with a white base turned into the toner cap green? I couldn't have that. I just couldn't take that risk.

So, I thought. Long and hard about what I was going to do about this green debacle. Because seriously, that's what this had turned into, a freakin' DEBACLE!

I realized that I've always liked blue...not baby blue, but like a light blue with gray undertones. I pulled out my Sherwin Williams fan deck and went to work.

So I pick a blue and then get to work with the accessories and draperies and that TOO was another mess...because I found this panel from Pier 1 that I loved (and since I looked at it everyday, I really talked myself into it...but it had the blue liked and the brown matched the brownie-batter wall color in the bedroom, so it worked) but then today I was in Bed Bath and Beyond with my cousins and found this panel, which I bought.

(Yes, its totally a shower curtain, but its going in a bathroom...and who says just because its "supposed" to be a shower curtain you can't use it as a...throw blanket? I mean, really...rules were made to be broken...)

I was so proud of myself for seeing something, really liking it and just buying it. I know that sounds stupid, but when you're like me...and my fickle-self, finding something and immediately knowing you can't live without it...thats a major milestone in my week!

Now I've got the paint mixed and ready to go too! OMGAW, I cannot WAIT for tomorrow! Pictures to follow sooooooon!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Desperate Housewives

I have become a whore.

Nooo, not the type that pays (although, in these "tough economic times")...the type that reschedules things in her day to accommodate a few hours of time for her favorite t.v. show.

"Which show are you so excited about Erin?"

Desperate Housewives. On Lifetime.

My obsession with Lifetime started many years ago, when I was a teenager. I was never into the movies about women who got raped by their bosses nephew at a house warming party or anything...I was more into the shows that they showed, in order, everyday.

When we first got married I was able to hide my little obsession. Only watching on "off" hours, when the hubs was still at work...that kinda thing. But then, he caught me one night endulging in a movie about a pregnant woman who was being stalked by a woman who couldn't have babies, but was going to a gyno so she could meet a pregger and then steal the baby. (yeah, it was good!) I was on the phone with my mom back and forth the whole movie because I needed answers only a mom could provide:
"could she really be that dumb?"
"who does that?"
"will you come with me to the drs when I'm pregnant and watch my back from baby stealers?"

I was sloppy. I asked too many questions and I got caught. The hubs tried to reach for the remote and I nearly bit him. Hehehe...

Anyway, now I'm all caught up on D.H....thankfully Lifetime was playing THREE episodes a day and I was able to record all of 'em. Today I got to the season finale from 2009 and almost DIED when they didn't show who Mike was marrying!

I anxiously went back to my listing on the dvr to see what the next episode was and GUESS WHAT?! It was the damn PILOT!

And now, since its March, most of this season of D.H. is already over and I'll be completely lost if I start watching on Sunday nights, so now I just have to wait a little while longer for Lifetime to get the newest episodes.

One good thing that has come of this though is that I finally got to see the actual pilot episode. Which, I was literally busting out laughing that Lynette walked into the pool with her clothes on to wrangle her three boys who jumped in at the funeral for Mary Alice.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thanks Home Depot!

Its not everyday that you can buy a door knob, open the package, install said hardware, accidentally throw out the packaging, then realize the door knob doesn't match all the other knobs in the house, call big-box-store grovel to see if they'll accept the hardware without the packaging (or the instructions, tools it came with...) and they say "YES! We'll take it back!"

So here's a great big shout-out to the Depot for making me a super happy customer today :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

They say...

They say inspiration can hit at anytime. I never really got this statement until last night.

I'm in the bathtub enjoying a Basin bath bomb (which, omg, if you've never used one before, buy them. Now. Seriously, you will NOT regret the experience...seriously, its 'da bomb. Yes, I went there!)
Anyway, back to my inspriation. I've been talking it over with the hubs that I want to repaint our bathroom. While the tub was filling, I grabbed the essentials, shampoo, check. Pumice stone, check. Face wash, check.

I get in and as I'm soaking away my day, I look at my face wash bottle and realize, OMG, That's IT!THESE ARE THE COLORS I'M GONNA PAINT THE BATHROOM! Clinique green!

As my mind should be relaxing in the tub, I suddenly realize, we have all chrome fixtures in the bathroom (I look around to verify this fact, the tub spout, the faucets, the handle on the toilet...they all MATCH the silver on the face wash bottle! OMG!)

Then I notice the "proof of purchase" ticket that Dilliard's affixed to the side of my face wash, it was white. OMG, I just painted all the trim in the bathroom white!

Could this be the most obvious sign EVER?

I started to picture the bathroom painted this lovely, crisp shade of Clinique green and couldn't help but scrub with the pumice stone fast enough to get out of the tub quicker to tell the hubs the great news!

"I figured out what color I'm going to paint the bathroom!" I tell him. "oh?" I pull out my face wash bottle and point out all the key factors. I point out the chrome neck on the bottle matches the chrome fixtures...the white lable matches the newly painted white trim and he says, "Hmm, we had a bathroom painted that color in the house I grew up in".


(Now, this might be true, but DON'T STEAL MY THUNDER!) I quickly point out that while this is might have been a popular color "back in the day"...I'm giving it the come back it so rightfully deserves and in a few short weeks, its debut will take place.

He kissed me on the forehead and said, "whatever makes you happy honey"...hehe