Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wowza, its 2014!

A funny thing happens when you're the mom of a toddler who also works...time seems to literally just fly away. All of a sudden its January (which means a new fresh calendar; who doesn't love a new calendar smell, am I right?) and then all of a sudden, you look at the bottom of your professional email and wonder, "if a client clicked my blog link, what would they see"...so I clicked the link and do you know what I saw?! I saw that I haven't updated this thing since, er, December!

You know what's awful, until tonight, April 8th at 9pm, I hadn't even realized I still had a blog! I get so wrapped up in work and projects and Lil' Dude and our house, and the weather (the sun has made an appearance today AND the windows have been open and we aren't freezing...HELLO SPRING!) that I forget to write stuff.

I mean, let's be serious for a second, this blog isn't a serious conversation maker (or wait...is it?! Have I been in the dark and all my followers have been anxiously awaiting my next post, all the while I'm too concerned with the frickin' snow?!) Oh man, if I just described you, Soooooo sorry! Didn't mean to keep you waiting for like, five months.

Ok, so what's new over here, let's start there. Well...I've been knocking out a bunch of projects thus far this year...working on three kitchens and a basement remodel right now, Lil' Dude and I have been visiting their progress on a weekly basis; clearly he's made friends with all of the installers. (Last week while the bamboo flooring was being installed in one of my projects, he picked up a broom and got to work making a pile of dust for the guys!) One of the kitchens will be done in the next few weeks, so I will share photos soon!!

I'm also super excited that in less than a week, my business partner and I have signed two super awesome projects which are going to be amazing! Actually, because of all the projects, I've had to reinstall AutoCAD on my laptop (looooong story, but when I got my laptop back in September, we installed it, but then it uninstalled, so I had to call and have them reinstall it...) AND NOW, just last night, yes, April 7th, AutoCAD was officially reinstalled on my laptop (after uninstalling Windows 8...whatEVER Microsoft!) UUUUUGH, its been so frustrating, I'm really thankful The Hubs is a computer guru and knows how to fix stuff, because I was ready to just throw the laptop out (which clearly would have solved my problem, right?!)

Oooh, I also just finished a wonderful book by my FAV author, Sophie Kinsella!! The book was called Wedding Night, it was a lot thicker than her other books, so I was nervous at first- I mean, there aren't ANY photos in her books...(just sayin') but true-to-form, her story was fabulous and before I knew it I breezed through the 1,000 pages. (No, it wasn't that long- but for real, hold it up next to another book, looks like Moby Dick!)

Pretty sure that's all for now :)