Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bargain shopping

So I'm wandering around some websites to find some great buys for my bargain shopping today. If you read my past b.s. post (HAHA! I didn't even realize the abbreviation was b.s.! hehe; okay, moving on!)

There was a comment (from my oldest friend) that even though the price on the lamp was a "bargain" would be hard to convince her hubby to spend $299 on a lamp. I totally agree.

Which is why today's bargain shopping post is an actual bargain that people (like, everyone I know) can actually afford!

Drum roll please...

I found these under the sea pillows from and thought, "Gosh, $19.99 a pillow, that's a great price for such cute pillows!" and then I started poking around other sites to see how expensive they were. I hit a wall. I couldn't find another pillow even similar. Untiiiiiiil I got to Pottery Barn's site.

SIMILAR pillows from POTTERY BARN for only, (hold your breath!) $11.99! WHA?!

Now that's a bargain!

Col, show the hubs and let me know what he thinks about this weeks find!!