Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tray day!

Have noticed that everywhere you look people are using trays?! (You haven't noticed? Well then you just aren't looking close enough; here. Lemme help you out...) We will start our tray-tour with some reasonably priced pieces...all the way up to less, er, reasonably (?) priced pieces (you know what I'm trying to say, those supa dupa pricey pieces...)

Lets start with a fun one from CB2.com (Crate and Barrels less expensive little brother store...)
- How cute is their scroll red tray? (Also comes in white; oooh! Yes please!)

Over at ZGallerie.com they've got the CUTEST white peacock tray! How great would this look on a black coffee table? Or leaned on your mantel against the wall? Oooh, the possibilities!

Check out Macy's Nambe Handled Tray. As luck would have it, I cannot copy the picture, but trust me. Take a few seconds to click on the link and you'll be in love. Its sleek. Its modern. Its perfect. Ahh, a work of art all by itself!

And, since we are talking about trays today, why not point out a super cute (and functional!) ice cube tray from ThinkGeek.com.

Happy tray day!