Monday, August 2, 2010

Birthday shopping

The biggest National Holiday (that's only celebrated in my family) is upon us...yes, in 13 days, my birthday will be here!

I went out birthday shopping today with my mil and got the most wonderful mirror for our foyer that I've been eying for a very long time (and, of course, when I open it on my birthday I will be shocked! surprised! and just as teary eyed as I was when I picked it up today!)

But, since I am who I am, I went to the Tiffany's website to poke around and see what's new. (It would seem the hubs has taken his name off the mailing list. We used to get the catalogs all the time, and I would circle what I liked, and leave it promintely displayed on his desk) Anyway, I came across this beautiful bracelet today.

Enjoy the eye candy!