Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yogi Bear

I've always been interested in yoga. I bought a book a few years ago called "Om Yoga" by Cyndi Lee which is a daily guide for yoga. I've used it before over and over again, but always seemed to come up short with my yoga experience.

One of my girlfriends asked me earlier this week, "hey, do you want to come to yoga with me this week?" I thought about the practical side, "should I be spending that money on myself? Or should I use it towards something for the house?" and then I thought, "be selfish. Just do it". So I did.

Last night was my first class and it was awesome. I have no idea what our instructors name was, but it was so relaxing and gratifying. Stretching out on that mat, using my body in a way I've never known I could...

The room set the scene when we walked in. Long and narrow; no overhead lights on (which pleased me; I'm not a fan of overhead lighting...) soft music on, and two short lamps on either side of the room.

If you've ever had an interest in yoga, I recommend you attend a class. I couldn't understand from my book how important it was to breathe. Something so simple, but each movement was based on a breath. Inhale, plank. Exhale, downward dog.

If you want to call me Yogi, I'll answer.