Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Models let me down

Growing up I always was excited when my parents would look for a new house because that meant we got to walk through models. I was always so excited to see how the kids rooms where laid out (and then go home and try to recreate it in my own room...)

When I got older I'd look at homes differently, from a more functional standpoint. Why is that wall there? Do they really need all those doors? When would you ever need that many lights in your kitchen?

So then I go to design school, get my degree and begin looking for any open model to walk through. To see what some else came up with and to get some ideas.

This afternoon my mother-in-law and I were driving back from a day full of Christmas shopping and the newest development around us had the "model open" sign out front. We put the blinker on, made a sharp left, and walked inside.

This is always my favorite part. The first impression.

Instantly I put the story together:
- The hubs and I just purchased the house
- We are having everyone over to celebrate _____ (fill in the blank)
- Its not "done" yet, but we were so excited to host a party in our new big home, we just couldn't wait to have everyone over- please take off your shoes!
- Dinner smells wonderful, but everyone is too excited to eat, they want a tour and I'm more than happy to be their guide...

Back to reality. We walk inside, get greeted by the nice sales lady and I start to wander through the house taking notes in my head as I go.

Good flow. Weird moldings. Nice choice of carpet, bet that's a super upgrade. Not enough light to work with in the kitchen. What would they anticipate you putting on that counter, a loaf of bread because nothing else would fit...Oh, that's a cleaning ladies dream come true! Who would ever put a light there? What is the point of having a "linen closet" if its not deep enough to actually put any linens in?

As I'm walking around I notice that the novelty has worn off. I'm more upset that this house was actually built/designed/lack-of-designed this way and I must get out.

This is my problem with models, they never are able to live up to my expectations. They tend to fall short in some way, which makes me sad. I don't try and find things that I don't like, I honestly look at the home and think pure function.

She says: That architectural shelf is another upgrade we put in...
I see: a huge dust collector which is not in reach to clean easily (unless you have a ladder or fire truck handy...)

She says: The loft could be a fourth bedroom or, eliminate it all together and have a two story foyer!
I see: A space (that is currently setup as a home office) with two windows that do not open because they didn't think forward enough that if its a loft you might want fresh air. But if its a two story foyer, it doesn't matter.

See? Its really not me. Its the models fault.

(But, I know as soon as I see another "model open" sign, I will be there with my mother-in-law waiting to see it!)