Thursday, January 13, 2011

Paint it Black

If I had to make a list of things I'm scared of, choosing dark paint colors wouldn't make my top 1,000,000,000,000 list. I love dark paint. (And I figure, if it turns out to be too dark or I just don't like it. What did I invest? A gallon of paint? A little time?) Right.

So when we bought our house (it will be five years in the end of May) I jumped right into the dark side. I painted our bedroom "mocha" by Sherwin Williams with an accent wall of "french roast". At the time, it worked.

Then, last year, I grew out of brown-toned everything. (Except my hair- that will remain Garnier "Raspberry Truffle" for a very long time...anyway). So, end of last year (?) I paint our bedroom again, but leave the french roast accent wall. It looked like this: and this is an even ooooolder photo of the mocha + french roast (notice the color of the window sill- that was before 'Operation honey to white')

We got a new comforter and the french roast wall didn't work with the new bedding. It didn't click in my head how to fix it for about two months! Two LOOOONG agonizing months of waiting, and thinking and waking up every morning and knowing it wasn't right, but didn't know how to fix it. And then, it happened.

I was meeting with a new client and we were going over their new home theatre. He heard that "Mouse Ears" (from the Disney line by Behr, at Home Depot) was the truest, blackest-black, on the market- he wanted to use it for the projection wall (around the white screen...) I couldn't help but start to giggle inside. THIS is it! This is what I need to do for our bedroom!

PAINT IT BLACK! (Well, "Mouse Ears"...)

And so, I did.
The rattan backed chair is my Nana's chair that I've had in my bedroom since I was about 15-ish. So realizing that it truly no-longer worked with our bedroom was hard. Thankfully I put a little ring-a-ding into my mom, who just so happened to say, "I need a chair for the corner of my family room"...AH HA! So now Nana's chair is at mom's house, and until I find another chair that will be PERFECT for our bedroom, the corner will remain empty.

I'm just so happy to have the brown wall gone, I don't mind walking past a big empty hole in our room. Actually, it doesn't bother me at all!

(Oh, and if your wondering about the little green blanket at the end of our bed, that's Jack's blanket. Yes, he totally has his own blanket to snuggle with.)