Thursday, March 17, 2011


The hubs and I have a small obsession with Disney and recently (in the last few years) they have come out with a new line of collectible vinyl figures. They come in two sizes, 3" or 9", and they are all the same basic shape. Mickey Mouse. From there, they have different artists draw over the Mickey form, creating mini pieces of art.

There are so many different collections to choose from but the most exciting part of collecting vinylmations is that you don't know what your getting. All the boxes are blacked all you can choose is the collection, from there, its all luck.

Our collection started out small, about 7 from our first trip down when they started selling them...from there, it grew...
(See why its called an obsession now?)

So for a while, we were able to display them all in the corner cabinet in the family room...this one:

Well, then it started getting out of control. Vinylmations started popping up in really random places throughout the house. Over the fish tank. On top of picture frames- it was getting to be like an infestation of super cute Mickey shaped things. Suddenly they became less of a "oh, I can't wait to buy more" and became instead, "that one is cute, but where the hell are we going to put it?"

Then, genius. I had a vision. What if they were all on shelves. What if they were organized into a little vinylmation army? (Rather than hovering over the poor fish...) And so I went on a mission to allocate black shelves. (It wasn't so much a "mission" as, just going to Target, finding the ledges, and buying them...)

I knew exactly where the ledges were going to go, around the Mickey Mouse tapestry (which, honestly the wall was needing a little color-love, so this worked out perfectly!) (Notice the large E2 over our front door, that's our thing. We are both named with E names, so we call ourselves E-squared!)

Once the shelves were up, now it was a matter of organizing them. Do we keep the collections together? Should I keep them together by when we purchased them? And then I realized, really? Who am I kidding? They are going to be organized by color and what goes together. Cutest ones in front. Not so cute, back line. Our most favorites (for whatever reason), front line and bottom shelves. Ones that we acquired but could do without, back line, top shelf. In the end, it looks like this:

I feel so relived about moving the small vinyl army into one place, that looks nice, adds color to the wall...and, now there is more space for us to get new ones! (That's probably the best part!)

(And, just to keep you excited about how cute these little vinyl-creations are, here's one of my favorites...Ursela from The Little Mermaid! EEK!)