Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hot dogs anyone?

So I'm looking through some websites for inspiration for the summer camp program I'm doing this week. I got a teensey bit distracted by this link for "top 10 summer cupcakes" (I has nothing to do with animals, or camp...but whatever)

Well, here's the thing. Check out this photo and tell me you wouldn't have clicked on it too...
I know right?! How CUTE are those cupcakes? I didn't read to find out how they made the burger, but the hot dog bun is a circus peanut (the orange ones...mmm, so gooey and wonderful!) and the actual hot dog is a, drum roll...TOOTSIE ROLL! OMG, I almost died at how cute they were!!

Now I can't wait to make 'em!! (I'll keep you updated on that!)Here's the link for the recipe from Disney's Family Fun website! (yay! Disney!)