Monday, September 12, 2011

Fun finds

I love Halloween. I don't go crazy decorating our house for the holiday (although if the hubs allowed, I'd throw a few black spider webs up, hang orange lights on the banister and have a carved pumpkin in each room...) but like I said. I don't go crazy, I just LOVE all the eye candy associated with the holiday! (Yup, I went there...)
(You can find the LED eye ball here, from Pier 1)

Lets start with these super cute ice cubes from Crate and Barrel.

I figure, rather than buying plastic cups (which are awesome for the environment) you can reuse these little cubies next year and they make any drink look more festive!

Also, you don't have to use them in drinks, if you had a large, hollowed pumpkin you were using to hold beverages, just fill the pumpkin with real ice and then pop a few of these in to spruce it up some! (Here is Martha's tip on making a pumpkin party cooler.)
Cute, right?

I adore making, eating, decorating and eating (oops, already said that!) cupcakes. So when I see some cute cupcake wrappers, I indulge...but check out this super cute spider cup cake holder from Crate and Barrel!
Now I'm all about killing a spider if I actually see one (well, asking the hubby to, anyway)...but one like this? I'd gladly welcome it on my plate! (Along with a pre-decorated cupcake from Main Street Cupcakes!)

And I'm pretty sure I said it last year, but this year I vow to make and carve some really cool pumpkins and post pictures. I have all these ideas, and it seems Halloween always just sneaks up on me. (Although to my credit, last year we did take a long vacation in that had something to do with it) but this year- I'm doing it!

I've wanted to try this Martha-technique where you spray paint a pumpkin black...Aren't those cute?! I can't find it now..but she had another technique where she put a stencil of a spider (let's say) on the pumpkin. Taped it. Then spray painted it black. Pull off the stencil and it looks like the spider (or whatever solid shape) is glowing...but its really just the natural orange of the pumpkin!

And who wouldn't want to show some Halloween spirit with these buttons from Pier 1?Honestly, Pier 1 has the Halloween mother-load for all things cute and frivolous. Like a reuseable shopping bag (which, obviously you would only reuse it in the month of October...) Cute little zombies and who doesn't need a wind-up glow in the dark skeleton on their desk? I sure do!

Happy haunting!!