Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer camp, already!

I'm all about giving back, so a few years ago I started working with the local SPCA as their humane educator. I go and talk to kiddos in the community about proper ways to meet/greet dogs, how to be a good pet-parent, what are signs of animal abuse- all very important topics to bring up (so, if your not in my neighborhood and can't come to one of my presentations but want information, email me!)

Anyway, one of my big give-back initiatives with the SPCA is running their summer camp. We started it last year and for an entire week we talked about animals to kiddos, younger kids in the am, older ones in the pm. It was amazing to see their little minds figuring things out and making crafts for the animals and just learning as much as they could about animal care.

This year I'm doing it again, although not running both the am and pm groups (just the am- pretty sure Mr.Pricklepants wouldn't appreciate me being gone all day...) and guess what? After a year of planning, its coming up next week!

I'm so excited!