Friday, January 11, 2013

Hinges say WHAAAAA??

A funny thing happens when your an interior designer.
You're constantly in other people's homes, changing things, so I have found that our home has become more of a place of quietude. I only buy things that I really love. I only put holes in the walls when I love where the picture is going...(there was a time, when I went through a phase where I was changing picture positions often, resulting in a "swiss cheese" look on the wall, which the hubs pointed out with disgust) but since then, I've been very good at only putting things where I absolutely love them.

With that being said, 6+ years ago, we purchased our home. When we first walked in the first thing I noticed was the brushed nickel hardware on all the doors. Downstairs. When we walked up the stairs, it was a different story. Everything, everywhere was polished brass. EEK!

I made a vow (very similar to the one I made to the hubs...only a little different) that I would make the switch. I would change all the door hardware to brushed nickel. EVERYWHERE.

Well, over the years, I got busy doing other people's homes. Making other people's homes perfect for them. All the while, coming home and seeing my polished brass hardware. I made a change. I bought a brushed nickel privacy lock for the master bedroom. And then a few weeks later, got one for the master bathroom.

Then I stopped.


Oh a little thing called working...and then being pregnant, and then, duh(!) the guess what I just finished doing today. FINALLY, after almost 7 years. GUESS?!?! I put the last screw in place on all the new door hardware.

Can I get a WHAT-WHAT?!?! (what-what!!!)

Amen to that sister.

And, to get my free shipping, I ended up replacing all three of our toilet seats as well! (Might be a sad day in some people's lives when new toilet seats arrive on their front porch. For me? I was bouncing around like a school girl on crack!) Thankfully our son is of the age where he likes to help, with everything, so while I installed the new toilet seat yesterday, he helped mama by holding it in place. My lil' helper!

Ok, so you might be wondering..."Erin, what does any of this have to do with the title of your post?" Here's how it all connects.

When the builder put in the polished brass hardware, he also put in polished brass hinges. So, for all the downstairs doors, with the brushed nickel hardware, having the polished brass hinges made me a little pukey (yes, I just made pukey a word.) And so I started the hunt for satin nickel (or brushed, depending upon your site of choice) hinges. I came up with a seller on Amazon...40 hinges, for like $25! Say WHA? So I get all ready to place my order, and guess what? The SHIPPING is $23. I'm sorry...say HU?

So I cancelled the order and started again.

This time with my friends over at Well, as cost effective as they could get ' was still going to be a hunk of change for new hinges. Lame.

So today, on a whim, after having lunch with grandma, lil' man and I headed into the bright orange box. (Where, several times now, cashiers have stopped me to say, "he's in here a lot...does he have a kiddo apron?" or something to the like...) ANYWAY, guess what? They not only have satin nickel hinges on sale, but they are on sale for ONE. DOLLAR.


I start rumaging through the box like a caged animal looking for my hinges, and come up with one. One satin nickel hinge. Of course there are about 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 polished brass hinges. But really...who wants those? Not this caged animal. So I hunt down an orange apron, asking how do we acquire more of these coveted hinges...only to find out that the closest store, about 35 miles from where I live, has "about 20". "But I need 27" "well then you're 7 short, hu." Thank you captain obvious.

He encouraged me to go to the service desk, I'm sure he was sensing my willingness to throw down, and ask them for more assistance. Turns out I get the most AMAZING customer service girl, EVER, Liz, who called not one, not two, but THREE stores...(even got snippy with the one store, "well if you're too busy to help me, may I speak to your manager? Oh, he's busy too? Well then how about your STORE manager. Thank you"...haha, it was EPIC watching her!)

And now, its all settled. My 27 hinges are waiting for me at the orange store that's only 15 miles from my house, and I'm planning that tomorrow at this time, they will all have a nice, new home on the doors in our home :)

And that, is why I say "Hinges say WHAAAAAAAA????"