Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Navy drapes?

Yesterday I'm at a client's home.

She was so excited to have me come out and help her for the hour (she assured me, I will keep you for a full 60 minutes, or 59 minutes and 59 seconds...however you'd like to put it!) that when I walked in she had all the pictures lined up (that she didn't know where to put them), along with some iron pieces and of course, the two CUTEST puppies.

Now, let me get off topic for a second. I love animals. I volunteer with the local SPCA and I spoil our puggle, Jack, as much as I can. (Which is why he's got his own blog...pugglywuggly.blogspot.com) This is one of the biggest perks of my job that I've found so far, getting to play with new animals all the time.

So I walk in and she's all, "Oh my gosh, HI ERIN!" We shake hands and I look down. At two of the cutest dogs, ever! A pug and a beagle. (Uhm, HELLO??? Jack is a PUG-GLE half pug and half beagle!) they both had the sweetest little faces, happy tails and loved being pet on their heads! Bella, the pug, followed us into every room and when I had a spare minute, she requested my hands be on her head...behind her ears, on her back...you know, wherever they fit!)

Ok, back to navy drapes.

I find a spot on all the walls for the pictures and iron pieces she had, even picked out a paint color for the guest bathroom and then we start talking about drapes for the dining room windows and family room.

me: for the family room, I'm thinking something icy blue. Very subtle pattern, if you even want one
her: ok. and for the dining room?
me: I'm thinking navy blue drapes
her: (giggles) navy?
me: yup
her: (giggles again) navy?
me: navy. navy blue. It would give a really dramatic look to this wall and make it a touch more formal than the opposite side of the room (now I start wondering if she's thinking I'm a nutter for suggesting navy because she's getting a little dazed look...wait, was that a nervous giggle?)
her: I. Love. It.
me: (oh thank GOD!) Great!

Turns out her husband loves navy (which is a total win-win because I really like making both parties happy when I do someone's home).

Here's a link to a set of navy drapes that I absolutely love! (Oh, and just a heads up, I love looking at regular stores for items for my clients, not just "designer" stores. Why? Because I'm a firm believer that great design is everywhere and shouldn't be limited to the size of your bank account...unless of course you like that sorta thing...in which case- email me! hehe)

I know Pantone is saying Emerald Green is the color for 2013...but I tell you, for me, its navy blue. I love everything about it. And, while I'm talking about emerald green...anyone notice the earrings Beyonce was wearing at the Presidential Inauguration? Emeralds. Huge, almost-as-big-as-my-head emeralds.