Monday, January 28, 2013

Snowball men!

I'm sure you read my last post about the cake ball situation...well, here's my experience:

First, I find the boxed cake mix and the icing. Get all excited come home and bake it, which is just mean. Baking a cake, which you can't EAT yet (mean- just cruel!) So the next morning, I break it apart, start mixing in the icing and stuff, roll it into balls- which let's talk about that for a second, shall we?

Red velvet cake mix is DYED red. Which means, when you rub it all over your hands, several times over, your hands become red (should have thought about this a little...) but I wanted to follow the directions- she uses red velvet so I use red velvet. So I roll 'em all up, shape them into little pear shapes, and put them into the refrigerator until Saturday afternoon...

I didn't want my mom to see her birthday cake (balls) until they were all done- but since she got dinner started early in the afternoon, she had to go home and change, I had the perfect window to start the ball process!

Thankfully my bestie, Cai, was on hand to help a sista out. She's all into baking from scratch (I'm more of a boxed girl...) and so I thought she'd be the perfect assistant to help me decorate the little balls! Well, as we were mid-pushing-the-pretzel-arms-into-the-ball she says, "I think he's going to be an amputee" 

It kinda went downhill from there.

After her second snowman she asked if she could be the 'dotter'. I said sure and continued in my happy little snowman induced happy-place. (Who knew I'd enjoy decorating little cake balls so much?!) Once they had little faces, they really came alive! Like, they just needed hats!

The directions called for tiny little cookies, with chocolate chip cookies on top to look like hats. However,  I couldn't find the cookies they asked for, so I bought some cookies which I thought said, "MINI" fudge cookies...turns out, I get home, it says MINT. Fail. Which meant their little snowmen heads were going to be really cold! 

See, with just a chocolate chip on top, chilly snowmen. Awwww...

And we didn't want to have snowmen with cold heads, so Cai decided to use the MINT cookies (not mini) and here was the result:
Looks like he's wearing a sombrero, right?

 Well, hand a girl some icing and she gets carried away- see that one snowman, middle row, third one back? See how he looks all ANGRY?! Right. So we had an angry snowman, one wearing a sombrero and one with only one arm! 

Can I just tell you though, how much FUN we had making our little snowmen? Might not be exactly what Bakerella had in mind...

...but laughing with my bestie while making something for my mom was so much fun! When mom came back, in her new shirt, she was so excited looking at our little creations! And, let me point out...see in the Bakerella photo, she uses those little chocolate sprinkles for arms? Yeah, I feel like, even though one of ours was an amputee (because the candy coating dried too fast...) the pretzels were awesome! That salty/sweet combination...mmmmm!

And what party isn't complete without a glass of wine that holds an ENTIRE bottle of wine? Just to be sure, we emptied the fresh bottle into the glass, what do ya know- they were right!! mmm