Thursday, June 20, 2013

No way, Jose!

I get a call yesterday from a lovely voice over at and guess what she'd like to ask me? GUUUUUUESS! If she could use a photo from my recent kitchen renovation in one of their slideshows! I was all "whaaa?" and then I was thinking, "I totally got prank called." Then I got upset (for like two seconds) thinking of some punks calling up designers saying, "heeeey, we wanna use a picture of a dart board!" (or something else really awesome) and then I realized, wait. That was a LEGIT call. From a legit person. For a LEGIT website! That people read.

Now let me explain something to you:
I don't write with the intention of people actually reading this...(so why do you write things Erin?) Because I like hearing the sound of my nails on the keyboard and because I have a lot to say and until I get my own tv show (HELLO? Would that be the most uh-maze-balls thing EVER?!) this is how I say what I wanna about design and stuff.

I was so excited that she asked for a picture of MY kitchen too. I mean, in a year I work on a bunch of kitchens. With budgets that are more than my new car. With all kinds of professionals brought in to help make it all fancy-pants. And she wanted to use a photo of MY kitchen. Wowza. (The total cost of our kitchen renovation was about $3000)

If you worked for a company (and not yourself) you would get quarterly or yearly reviews. You'd get a guide set forth from upper management telling you where your weaknesses are, where your strengths lie and setup goals with your manager to help you excel.

I work for myself.

This means I need to be honest with myself about how things are going. I keep a notebook that I write things down in for all my projects. I have another list (in my head) of weaknesses and things I learned on this project to not do on the next project...

So receiving a call like that from someone (who wasn't a punk teenager!) asking to use photos of MY kitchen just felt like drinking a warm cup of hot cocoa on a cold winter night. Warm and fuzzy. (Although this didn't leave a marshmallow mustache on me...)

Another warm and fuzzy I received lately was when I opened a account and asked my clients to review me...let's just say I started to cry a little bit. (And by a little bit, of course I mean uh-lot, while smiling the whole time!!)

All I gotta say is No way Jose! I'm so thankful for this and just super excited to keep doing what I'm doing and making friends along the way :)