Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dryer Fire

I did a little research yesterday about dryer fires. (Ok, I have to admit, I totally laughed at the name, dryer fire...really? It sounds so funnay and makes me smile each time I say it.)

Here are things to look out for:
- be sure to empty the lint trap before or after each load
- keep the hose clean
- check to see if you have a white plastic vent hose- if you do, REMOVE IT, and replace it with a metal one (I picked mine up at Walmart for under $5!)
- don't have more than two 90 degree angles with your hose
- make sure the vent is clear of lint, small animals and animals nests
- check the outside vent to see if, while the dryer is running, there is a steady flow of air

I KNEW being a freak about my lint trap would one day pay off! I also picked up one of those loooooong wire brushes for my dryer, to give it a good, deep clean. Apparently lint, that stupid gray stuff, is one of the most COMBUSTIBLE materials...and often found in homemade explosives!!

Here, educate yourself more:
- one informative post
- You tube video (VERY interesting!!)
Its kinda scary- who knew something with such a cute name, could cause so much harm?!