Tuesday, September 29, 2009


We've lived in our house for 3+ years and during those years, my laundry room has always been INCREDIBLY dusty. I always maintained it, but never gave much thought to it.

That's just the way laundry rooms are, right?

It seems that when our washer and dryer were delivered, the guy never thought to put a DRYER HOSE in the back of said appliance to vent all the dust OUTSIDE (you know, where it belongs!)

I realize this and, being the Home Depot savvy person I am, bought a new hose. In order to attach the hose, one must be BEHIND the appliance. Well, for those of you who have never moved a washer before, they are like, 9,000 pounds (approx.!) so I wiggled it as far away as I could so I could fit behind both appliances.

I grabbed my tools and duct tape, and sat behind the dryer, in a contorted manor until my feet got pins and needles, and did what any woman who doesn't want dust in her laundry room would do. I duct taped the vent hose to the dryer...to the vent in the wall...I used like half my roll of duct tape.

After I did my first load of laundry, it worked perfectly! I was so excited.

Yesterday, I sent out an email to my family with before and after pictures...along with the duct tape story.

Last night, I get a call from my dad.

"Hey sweety, the laundry room looks great, wonderful color. However, you need to take the duct tape off!" (you could imagine my surprise because, DUH, it was working) "It can cause a house fire...you need to get metal tape if you want to tape it, but you should have gotten a metal ring to put on the back of the dryer...its got clamps, go to Home Depot and pick it up, but don't use the dryer until you get the tape off...love you!"

And so now, my laundry room is on hold again until I pick up the metal ring. I couldn't be more thankful to dad for filling me in on the duct tape = house fires thing...that would have been TERRIBLE!