Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Paint drunk

I'm on a freakin' roll with this trim-painting operation I've undertaken! I can't tell you how many people, once I told them what I was doing said, "There is a lot of wood in your house. You're really going to paint all of it?". No. I'm going to stop half way down the hall. OF COURSE I'm gonna do it all.

This weekend I did the whole master bathroom. Which, wouldn't have been so time
consuming if it weren't for the front panel to our bathtub:
Seriously, that beast took so much time! My instinct was to paint up and down, however the grain of the wood went east to west. It took FOREVER not to have the paint streaks. I'd add more paint to the brush...to eliminate the drag...anyway, that was the worst part. But it looks awesome! Sunday, while the hubs was watching sports, I taped off our bedroom. Then, still feeling some effects from Saturday night (hehe) I took a nap, made dinner and sat on the couch for the rest of the evening.

Yesterday however, I woke up ready to freakin' go! Seriously, I grabbed a quick shower, pulled the few pieces of hair long enough to interfere with a perfect paint hand out of my way, and dove right in.

Master bedroom got done fast, so then I though, "I should do the guest bathroom"...well, that lead to me doing the trim on the landing...which turned into me also doing the doorways, the banister and the spindles. (and I'm wondering today why I'm sore?!)

Since I was home alone, I turned up the tunes and just kept going! Somethings that I've learned while doing this trim painting thing (which I'm sure will continue to grow as this continues!):
- when painting base trim, best to wear long pants. Shorts don't protect your knees from rug burn!
- keep your mouth closed while your stretching your arms up to clean the top of doorway molding. (That sounds like a no brainer, but its like keeping your mouth closed while putting on mascara...its near impossible!)
- when using oil based paint, try hard not to get it on your sensitive skin because, unlike latex paint, it DOES NOT COME OFF with water. I tried and failed. Then tried nail polish remover, which worked well, but didn't get it all...warm water with antibacterial soap (and scraping with my finger nails) ended up doing the trick- however, then my skin broke out in hives- sexy right?!

Have you ever tried to paint a banister and the little spindles? Wanna talk about f-n crazy work? Like, my eyes were almost crossed because there is just nothing else to look at...between that and the fumes, seriously...(you can see where I'm going with this one)

Although I gotta say, the Kilz odorless primer is living up to its name. It is truly odorless. The regular Kilz smells like a fat Sharpie marker...but because of the pets (and my own mental health) declined using it.

Next stop on the paint train is gonna be the staircase! Eek!!