Thursday, October 22, 2009


Last night, rather than sitting on the couch all evening, I got up and started to tape off the staircase so I can paint it on Friday when I'm off. Eek!
When I first started this project, I made a fancy checklist so that I didn't forget any step while doing a room. I put it on the freezer door so when I'd get a glass of water, I'd think, "Should I really read my book now, or do something on the list?" Its worked beyond my wildest dreams.

I have become, as I mentioned in my previous entry, paint drunk. Now that a good portion of the house is already completed, I want it all done, now. A little impatient, yes. A little immature, probably. But you know what, I'm a busy body. I can't just sit idle for hours on end, mama's gotta shake it. Here are the after shots of what I worked on Monday:The spindles from hell. (While painting them, I got the oil based paint on me, which didn't come off, and when it did, I got hives from it...whatevahs!)Yes, I know, I didn't paint within the lines...but here's why. I don't dig that blue color anymore. So, rather than waste time (and that super expensive blue tape) I just painted freely, knowing that I'll be repainting the blue soon!)
And this (above) is the bath tub in our master bathroom. (The one I talked about before being such a pain in the arse to paint...) I love the way it came out!! LOOOOVE it :)