Friday, November 6, 2009

I can be whatever I want to be

Growing up I always new what I wanted to be; an interior designer. I never had ambitions to be a scientist (science and I don't really, uhm, gel...). Never wanted to be a teacher (because I wanted to be out of the classroom- graduation couldn't come fast enough).

Although I was always in drama and chorus, I never wanted to be an actress. My goals were simple, to be a kick ass interior designer.

I did what any determined girl does, I went to college, graduated in three years with a four year degree, snagged a cute boy, got a job, got married, got the house and now, I'm living my dreams.

(Erin, what's the point of this blog?)

I respect other people's professions. Meaning, if I had a question about my health, I'd go to the doctor. Legal question? I'd find a lawyer. Why? Because these people are trained in their fields; and I assume they have some sort of passion for their profession.

But for some reason anyone with a paint brush or magazine handy, thinks they are an interior designer. (In reality, their 9-5 is insurance sales...)

Are you familiar with this phenomenon?

This isn't to say that only people who go to school for design can design. Quite the opposite, I know lots of people who have 'the eye' for design.

And its not to say that just because I went to school for it, have worked in the field for the past 6 years and have had 'the eye' since I was eight years old that I'm the end all and be all of designers. But this is one of those things that just bugs me.

If I had a home redesign question, obviously I'd ask my pharmacist because he did a killer job on his house last month.

Do you see why this bugs me?