Thursday, November 5, 2009

I like it, but is it finished?

Just made my daily magazine run (to the mailbox...apparently I'm on every possible mailing list- but whatevah, I heart getting mail...) I I open the new Thos Moser magazine.

Now, lemme give you a little personal run down on Thos Moser.

First of all, the name. WTF does it mean? I feel a little stoopid every time I say it out loud.

Second, they have beautiful hand crafted pieces of furniture. (Which, if you don't speak the language means UBER expensive!)

Third, their products are too pretty; like, if I were to ever have an extra $3,000 to drop on a sofa, I wouldn't want to sit on it. It would be a show piece. I'd 'show' it to people and offer them a plastic outdoor chair to sit on. Yes, you read that right.

So imagine my surprise while thumbing through their latest and greatest collection and I come across the Meridian Dining pieces. First reaction, I heart it. Love the lines on the chairs, love the carved pieces...and then I notice the "finish", ash. Really? That's a FINISHED piece of wood?

Where I come from, that is a naked piece of wood. I think I got a splinter by just looking at the pieces; that's how unfinished it looked. I love the pieces...I'm just not in love with the finish.

But, for only $1,500 (such 'ah deal!) I could have one (yes, ONE, meaning singular, uno, alone, one) naked looking chair.