Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'm such a slacker

Even the best laid plans have some speed bumps. My speed bump comes in the form of being too busy to take photos of our house since I redid it. There, I said it. I cannot feel guilty about this any longer. I'm a slacker.

(The picture above, of our dog, Jack, is as CLOSE as I've come to taking photos of the new paint colors and trim...it looks really nice- just wait. I promise I'll take some....)

I did, however, have a wonderful time enjoying my friends and family this weekend. Not only did I get the opportunity to spend quality time with each of my nephews and niece, but time with my mom!

Yes, she lives in the same town as me. Yes, she just moved into a house that's 1.01 miles down the road. HOWEVER, she's a supa busy woman. Seriously y'all, if your considering being a school principal (or assistant princ.) you best not wanna spend time with your family, 'cause we never get to see the woman!

Enter Thanksgiving. She was off work starting Wednesday until yesterday, Monday. I haven't been able to spend that much quality time with my mom in like, er, a year or so? NO LIE!My brother and his family rolled into town Wednesday late morning (making a pit stop at my office to say hi and stretch, which was just fantastic, I love seeing the munchkins)...my bestie Caitlin (you can read about her over at FlutterButter) came into town- the hubs and I drove up to grab her...and then last but not least, my sister came in (early!) on Wednesday evening. (Oh, see in this photo you can see the new paint color in the kitchen!)

My sister, Jessica, wasn't supposed to land in Cleveland until 8.05 (which meant we didn't need to leave the house until like, 8.04p) so you can imagine our terror (I mean, surprise) when my celly rang at 7.35p proclaiming her arrival and "where are you?" Oh shizzzz!

My brother, bestie and I hopped into my car and we high tailed it up to the airport. Seriously, I'm thankful I didn't have anything to drink, 'cause sitting in jail isn't my idea of a good time. She calls us as we're mid-way there. "Uhm, I don't see you" "oh, we're sitting in traffic...we're on our way! Be there in like, 5!" click.

When we roll up to the Continental doors, BLASTING Britney Spears (seriously, a holiday without Britney? I don't think so) she opens the door, starts laughing and yells, "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" I simply answered, "ITS BRITNEY BITCH, GET IN!" hehe. When she was strapped in, I turned down the music and assured her that all the people loitering wanted to be in our car (we're funny, y'all!)

So, while I'm not excusing my slacker-idious, I am giving good reasons why there are no pictures...except for some family ones. Here's my mom with her girls!