Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Last night I got home from work and realized a few things:

a- I should probably take some photos of the house and post 'em here...even if things aren't 'picture perfect'
b- World hunger will really never be resolved, no matter how much money Sally Suthers asks for
c- The older our dog gets, the more trained I become
d- My Thanksgiving decorations should really be taken down
e- The lady on the radio who got "turkey-dumped" (dumped on Thanksgiving) probably had the worst holiday ever, while I had one of the best ever...

Okay, enough random crap, I now present to you, the half bath. As a refresher, here's the before:Yup, it was red. Not blood red, more like a strawberry red. Anyway, here are the afters:Its blue! I decided to keep the frog theme because, hey, I like it! When we first moved into the house, my brother-in-law bought us all the frog pieces we wanted...trash can, rug, outlet cover and soap I kept it because of that, because I liked it and because the whole bathroom just reminds me of my dad.

The frog sitting on the left side of the faucet used to sit on my dad's night stand...
And this picture frame (with the four holes) is actually the artist sketches of my dads frog tattoo! (The frog represents my mom; the ladybug is for me, the caterpillar is for my sister and the grass the frog is standing on forms an A for my brother!) The single frog frame, above the tattoo sketches is a note my dad wrote me, and I liked it so much I hung it up!