Thursday, December 10, 2009

Next up, the family room!

Here's a lil' reminder of the mantel in the family room:The hubs is a photographer so I made a little collage with 'em on this wall:One afternoon I sketched what I wanted the family room to look like...where I wanted pics hung and stuff:Ok and now, the NEWWWW: (notice that Operation: Honey to White is complete in this room!)We had all these candlesticks in the house that were empty- shocking, I know. So I thought, what if I put 'em all on the mantel, rather than photos and shiz. Keep it clean, simple. I went to Hobby Lobby and found three different candles (in three different sizes and colors) waited for them to go on sale (because everything that's not on sale one week in H.L. will be 50% off the next...) and taaaadah!
I realized though that if I didn't have our family pictures up on the mantel, where would I put 'em?! Enter the ladder bookcase. Found it at Hobby Lobby for $99 - 30%. Seriously?! It was mine...went to Pier 1 picked up that super cute little brushed nickle lamp (looove the huge white shade on it) and had a place to put our cute pics!
So you'll notice that the valance for over the blinds is missing. Little story about that: I tore it off. Haha. (I told you it was a little story!) So I decided against hanging all the photographs again (hubs said the wall looked like swiss cheese because there were so many holes in it...hehe- opps!)And that's that. I don't know why I didn't think to take photos from the other side of the room...but I will once all the Christmas decorations are down!