Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh Christmas wreath, Oh Christmas wreath

A while ago I received the Pottery Barn catalog and got all warm and fuzzy when I saw their front porch all decked out for Christmas. I tore out the page and hung it on our refrigerator so I could do my best to mimic it...because even though I 10% off in that store...10% off a million dollars is still a whole helluva lotta money!

The wreaths and things I saw in the catalog were all silver and red...so I took matters into my own hands:- plain-Jane wreath at Walmart for $4
- tree-shaped ornament box with silver ornaments, $5
- star-shaped ornament box with red ornaments, $4
- ornament hangers, .69
- over the door wreath hanger, $1.99
- the thrill I got when I hung it up, priceless...hehe

Okay, so I started by laying the wreath on the table, fluffing all the pieces and then hooked my first ornament. I realized pretty early on that the typical ornament hanger-hookey-things were too long, so I trimmed about 1/2" off one end.

When I got to the fourth or so ornament, I realized that I couldn't get a good idea of how things were going to look, once it was hung on the door, so I hung it up on one of the kitchen cabinets...here it is before I put on the red ornaments:I actually wondered if I should stop there and not add the red balls, but then I thought, "why not put 'em on the wreath, I really don't want to go back to Target..." so here's the finished project:Originally I wanted to hang it on the outside of the door, so it looked like the Pottery Barn scene, but then I realized, we never walk thru our front door (we only use the garage door...) so I put on my thinking hat and hung it on the inside of the door!Operation: Make a cute wreath is now completed!