Thursday, March 25, 2010

Desperate Housewives

I have become a whore.

Nooo, not the type that pays (although, in these "tough economic times")...the type that reschedules things in her day to accommodate a few hours of time for her favorite t.v. show.

"Which show are you so excited about Erin?"

Desperate Housewives. On Lifetime.

My obsession with Lifetime started many years ago, when I was a teenager. I was never into the movies about women who got raped by their bosses nephew at a house warming party or anything...I was more into the shows that they showed, in order, everyday.

When we first got married I was able to hide my little obsession. Only watching on "off" hours, when the hubs was still at work...that kinda thing. But then, he caught me one night endulging in a movie about a pregnant woman who was being stalked by a woman who couldn't have babies, but was going to a gyno so she could meet a pregger and then steal the baby. (yeah, it was good!) I was on the phone with my mom back and forth the whole movie because I needed answers only a mom could provide:
"could she really be that dumb?"
"who does that?"
"will you come with me to the drs when I'm pregnant and watch my back from baby stealers?"

I was sloppy. I asked too many questions and I got caught. The hubs tried to reach for the remote and I nearly bit him. Hehehe...

Anyway, now I'm all caught up on D.H....thankfully Lifetime was playing THREE episodes a day and I was able to record all of 'em. Today I got to the season finale from 2009 and almost DIED when they didn't show who Mike was marrying!

I anxiously went back to my listing on the dvr to see what the next episode was and GUESS WHAT?! It was the damn PILOT!

And now, since its March, most of this season of D.H. is already over and I'll be completely lost if I start watching on Sunday nights, so now I just have to wait a little while longer for Lifetime to get the newest episodes.

One good thing that has come of this though is that I finally got to see the actual pilot episode. Which, I was literally busting out laughing that Lynette walked into the pool with her clothes on to wrangle her three boys who jumped in at the funeral for Mary Alice.