Saturday, March 27, 2010

Clinique green to Languid Blue...

So, after I raved about the Clinique green I was going to paint the bathroom, I had a change of heart.

When I'm with a client or talking to someone about their home, its always so easy for me to help them make a decision and give them that extra pat on the back they need for encouragement to help them know they are making the right decision.

I on the other hand become a great big fickle mess with my own house, which is why its taken almost four years for it to become exactly what I wanted. Yes, I said FOUR years. Seriously...

So I went from Clinique green, which, honestly I would have gotten the paint mixed right away except I had an EEK-moment one morning while using my toner. (What does any of this have to do with paint? Go with me...)

The Clinique green I wanted was the green of my face wash bottle. A simple, light, translucent green. One morning I was applying my toner (or, as Clinique calls it "exfoliating lotion"...whatevs) I looked at the "Clinique green" cap and realized I hated that shade of green. And, what if that is the color of my bathroom?

I had a mini panic attack.

I didn't want my toner cap green. I wanted my face wash green. How would the paint person at Home Depot know the difference? Maybe my face wash color green, when mixed with a white base turned into the toner cap green? I couldn't have that. I just couldn't take that risk.

So, I thought. Long and hard about what I was going to do about this green debacle. Because seriously, that's what this had turned into, a freakin' DEBACLE!

I realized that I've always liked blue...not baby blue, but like a light blue with gray undertones. I pulled out my Sherwin Williams fan deck and went to work.

So I pick a blue and then get to work with the accessories and draperies and that TOO was another mess...because I found this panel from Pier 1 that I loved (and since I looked at it everyday, I really talked myself into it...but it had the blue liked and the brown matched the brownie-batter wall color in the bedroom, so it worked) but then today I was in Bed Bath and Beyond with my cousins and found this panel, which I bought.

(Yes, its totally a shower curtain, but its going in a bathroom...and who says just because its "supposed" to be a shower curtain you can't use it as a...throw blanket? I mean, really...rules were made to be broken...)

I was so proud of myself for seeing something, really liking it and just buying it. I know that sounds stupid, but when you're like me...and my fickle-self, finding something and immediately knowing you can't live without it...thats a major milestone in my week!

Now I've got the paint mixed and ready to go too! OMGAW, I cannot WAIT for tomorrow! Pictures to follow sooooooon!