Wednesday, March 10, 2010

They say...

They say inspiration can hit at anytime. I never really got this statement until last night.

I'm in the bathtub enjoying a Basin bath bomb (which, omg, if you've never used one before, buy them. Now. Seriously, you will NOT regret the experience...seriously, its 'da bomb. Yes, I went there!)
Anyway, back to my inspriation. I've been talking it over with the hubs that I want to repaint our bathroom. While the tub was filling, I grabbed the essentials, shampoo, check. Pumice stone, check. Face wash, check.

I get in and as I'm soaking away my day, I look at my face wash bottle and realize, OMG, That's IT!THESE ARE THE COLORS I'M GONNA PAINT THE BATHROOM! Clinique green!

As my mind should be relaxing in the tub, I suddenly realize, we have all chrome fixtures in the bathroom (I look around to verify this fact, the tub spout, the faucets, the handle on the toilet...they all MATCH the silver on the face wash bottle! OMG!)

Then I notice the "proof of purchase" ticket that Dilliard's affixed to the side of my face wash, it was white. OMG, I just painted all the trim in the bathroom white!

Could this be the most obvious sign EVER?

I started to picture the bathroom painted this lovely, crisp shade of Clinique green and couldn't help but scrub with the pumice stone fast enough to get out of the tub quicker to tell the hubs the great news!

"I figured out what color I'm going to paint the bathroom!" I tell him. "oh?" I pull out my face wash bottle and point out all the key factors. I point out the chrome neck on the bottle matches the chrome fixtures...the white lable matches the newly painted white trim and he says, "Hmm, we had a bathroom painted that color in the house I grew up in".


(Now, this might be true, but DON'T STEAL MY THUNDER!) I quickly point out that while this is might have been a popular color "back in the day"...I'm giving it the come back it so rightfully deserves and in a few short weeks, its debut will take place.

He kissed me on the forehead and said, "whatever makes you happy honey"...hehe