Sunday, May 30, 2010

Oh no, please, not another water heater!

I came home from work today and as soon as I stepped inside the house I said to the hubs, "omg, it HOT in here!" he said, "I know, I just came back from a walk with Jack and realized it was toasty..."

So we look at the thermostat. 83. Inside. Its only 78 outside. Whaaaa?

We made dinner, and while eating realized it was still hot. Like, not getting cooler even though air was coming through the registers. Himph. A call was placed to my father-in-law. "heeeeeelp!"

Basically, we have no idea what's up with the a/c unit not working. I mean, our house is 8 years old. For the first year it sat vacant. Then had a homeowner for 1.5 years. Then sat vacant for another 1.5 years and now we've lived in it for 4. So really, our house is only like 5.5 years old (-ish)...

I'm just praying this isn't another hot water heater fiasco. Please GOD don't let it be another million dollar repair job!! (...and just when I was getting the basement steps to start looking nice....maybe that's the problem, maybe I should leave the basement steps alone. Maybe I'm messing up the houses mojo...?)

Oh Lord...being a h.o. (home owner) is hard and expensive. I mean, when things break, there ain't no body that's gonna come running to fix it (without charging you an arm and a leg anyway!)