Thursday, June 3, 2010

McDonald's meets West Elm

Some McDonald's are getting face lifts! (I hope they don't go overboard like Joan Rivers- oh, while we are talking about Joan...have you seen her new show on TVLand, "How'd You Get So Rich?" is WONDERFUL! She's hilarious!) Moving on...

So McDonald's is getting updated, check this out. Looking at the pictures, it totally reminds me of West Elm (which, when the hubs and I took a lil' vaycay to Columbus, OH we went into West Elm and lemme tell you- swoooooon!)

This might sound funny, but my favorite part about the restaurant face lift is the Restrooms sign hanging from the ceiling...I heart that :)

What are your thoughts? Should McDonald's stay old school with plastic benches or branch out to a more modern, clean-line look?