Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Every day I'm at work I walk past this gorgeous lamp. Since like, er, December, I've been eyeing it and in February when we got our new bedroom furniture delivered I knew I had to have it.

You might be asking, "but Erin, it looks just like a regular lamp...what's the big fuss over?" Lemme start at the bottom up on this fine lamp.

First, the base. Its not too big, not too small. Its a perfect size/shape for the area in our bedroom which has been left empty for the arrival of this perfect illumination creation.

Second, the crystal ball just below the lamp shade. Its perfect. When the lamp is lit, it will cast off a beautiful shimmer of amazing light into our bedroom, making it that much more wonderful.

Third, the lamp shade. Can we just say UH-MAZING?! Lets start with the wonderful PURE WHITE color (which so few lamps offer anymore, many are "antique white" or "glacier white", not just pure, not messed around with WHITE!) Then, lets take into consideration the perfect shape of the shade (which matches perfectly with the two already pure white drum shades I have on our nightstands).

Bottom line, this lamp is going to be mine. First I had to verify stock in the computer, then locate it in the stock room...and now I'm just waiting for the new shipment of merchandise to be moved away enough that I can reach it and its GOING HOME WITH ME!!

Eeeek! Pictures to follow!