Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bargain shopping

Welcome to the very first post of Bargain Shopping on Erinteriors! (wahoo!!)

This morning the light bulb went off.

You know when you read Vogue or Cosmo and they have one page that shows that celebrities wear (and the prices they paid) and then a more reasonably priced alternative for the layman?

I figured I would start Bargain Shopping Wednesdays after looking for a floor lamp and coming across identical lamps, with a huge price tag difference! My philosophy, why pay more?

(insert drum roll please)

First lamp is from Its their retro photographers lamp; and its funky, vintage-looking and perfect if you have $599 to drop on a lamp. But, since its Bargain Shopping Wednesday, check out's studio tripod floor lamp for only $299!!

If you were putting this lamp in your family room, imagine what else you could buy with $300!!