Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Birthday sharing

My birthday was Sunday (August 15th) and I'm always surprised to hear how many people (celebrities) I share my special day with.

Lets start at the beginning. Madonna. Seriously; we share some serious girl-against-the-world attitude. We channel each other that way :)

Ben Affleck. Now, this one surprised me. It wasn't until he was in rehab (in like 2001?) and I was a freshman in college that I realized this connection. That year he was celebrating his birthday on the "inside" and ET was reporting his rehab stint like they would cover Anna Nicole's death...anyway, that was a shocker.

So you'll never guess who else I share my birthday with. Debra Messing! (Grace, from Will and Grace!) I ADORE her! I'm of the belief that Will and Grace should have its own network. Just non stop episodes. I love that show (and thanks to Lifetime) get my fix everyday!

Oh, just did some research; I also share my birthday with Joe Jonas! (OMG! My inner 14 year old just flipped out!) haha- I also share it with Julia Child!

Do you share your birthday with anyone?