Monday, August 23, 2010

Hot in Cleveland

I might young in years, but when it comes to good tv, I appreciate the classics. I grew up watching I Love Lucy. I didn't understand why none of my friends in elementary school were named Ricky, Fred or Ethel. And even more surprised when my classmates had never even heard of my beloved Lucy.

Do you know what show I'd make sure I sat in front of the tv to watch (before they were reruns?) The Golden Girls. I was like, 6? Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia were my gurls.

When they started passing away and Lifetime would have Estelle Getty marathon days (then Bea Arthur...and subsequently Rue McClanahan) days, my dvr would be full. Hubby would wonder why one of his shows wasn't recorded and then he noticed 32 new Golden Girls. Opps.

So when Betty White's new show on TVLand premiered, I was there, bucket of popcorn in lap ready to get my fill. And I tell you what, IT. WAS. AWESOME.

If you watched the finale this week, then you'll understand the Free Elka shirt. I want to buy this shirt and wear it proudly around my town. I just wonder if anyone else would understand?!

Have you watched Hot in Cleveland?