Sunday, September 12, 2010

Autumn Decorating Class

I get this email a few weeks ago from Pottery Barn inviting me to join them for an Autumn Decorating Class. I jumped at the chance! Free design ideas? Spending time in Pottery Barn? I'm so there!

(I am of the thinking that one can never do too much research, or have too many ideas to pull from. So while, yes, I am a designer, I go to as many classes as I can get my hands on!)

Moving on...

So I go with my mom to the free class. And let me tell you what; it was impressive! The store wasn't opened yet, so we had no interruptions (except this really cute old man who needed to return his tuxedo, but they didn't open until noon; and he couldn't wait that long, so the nice lady from Pottery Barn took his tux, and returned it later for him- awww!) The ladies had two different styled tables to work with; a long one to mimic a mantel or buffet and a round one to mimic a kitchen table.

They were able to pull from all over the store and show us the latest products from their Fall collection. If you have a Pottery Barn close to you (ours was 45 minutes from my house) I super ooper-duper recommend signing up for one!

After the presentation, all attendees got 10% off shopping passes (HELLO!) and while I didn't pick up anything for Fall decorating...I did pick up something else: