Monday, September 27, 2010

Help in aisle 5

About a month ago we were invited to a baby shower for some friends of the family. (I say 'family' like we are the Mob or something...) anyway, they were registered at the typical baby-places; Target and Babies R Us.

We don't live near a babies r us, so I went to Target. Here's the thing about me, I am a closeted baby department lover. Since we don't have children, I always feel funny about walking around just ooohing and ahhhing at all the too-cute baby stuff (like the itty bitty socks. Need I say more?!) so I put on this air of nonchalance, browse as if I have sooooo many other things I should be doing, but secretly keep a mental list of what I like, how much things cost- I have been doing this for YEARS people. YEARS!!

Most people my age spend their time at the gym, or listening to music. I spend my time scouring the baby department in huge sunglasses. (So the next time you see me, don't judge, just keep on walking...)

Anyway, when we got invited to the shower, I finally had a REASON to walk around the baby department. So, maybe a little too proudly, I printed out the registry and gripped it tight while walking those stuffed-to-the-brim baby aisles.

I found what was on the list in approximately 20 seconds, but did I pick it up and put it in my cart right away? ARE YOU KIDDING? Holding that registry in my hand was like a get of jail free card. Suddenly, with those blue papers, I had a purpose for lingering in the aisles. And I milked it for all it was worth.

"Oh, what's this?" and I'd pick up something I've been wanting to read the label on for a while (but, of course, couldn't read the label with my sunglasses on...)

So yesterday was her shower. And while she was opening her beautiful gifts, I got to hold her nephew. Six week old Chase all day. It was wonderful! He was like a personal space heater that made the cutest noises and only required one feeding while in my presence! Ohhh, and those baby noises! You know the noises...the ones that just melt your heart; yeah, he made a ton of those!

One day I know I'll be sick of walking those aisles. One day I know my house will look like those aisles (color coordinated and totally organized, of course). In the mean time, I'll put on my sunglasses and linger in aisle 5.