Thursday, September 30, 2010

Puggy puppy

I'm on a domestic-diva roll lately. I had the chicken roasting in the oven yesterday, the smell of onions wafting in the air when I got a phone call from the hubs. "I want one of three things for dinner: Chili's, bourbon chicken or Chick-fil-a". Oh.

So when he came home, I wrapped up the chicken (which, I had to keep taking little nibbles of) and we went to the mall to get bourbon chicken. (We are totally having the roasted chicken tonight!) After dinner we walked into the puppy store.

Now, let me say first and foremost, I don't like seeing the puppies in the cages. It bothers me. I don't like knowing where the puppies came from, because you know it was from a puppy mill (more likely than not)...anyway, putting all that aside, we walked in just to window shop.

And then we saw this super petite little pug. We asked to see her, and sat in the room. As soon as she was set down, she went crazy!! She was so small (to give you an idea, my foot looked like Godzilla next to her) anyway, every time we'd pick her up, all the wrinkles would move to her face and around her neck, so she looked like this little fat teddy bear. We gave her back and drove home.

When we got in the car though we realized what mistake we just made. Jack is going to freak out over us smelling like another dog. So we get home, and within a milasecond, Jack was all over me like white on rice. Sniffing here, there, everywhere.

This is the problem with meeting new animals without Jack with us. He gets into super sniff mode.

As if he didn't follow me around the house on a typical day, this morning he has been glued to my side; its like he's telling me "You can play with other dogs, but don't forget, I'm your one and only"