Monday, October 25, 2010


When I'd watch tv and hear people talk about "setting up a menu for the week" or "laying out clothing the night before" or "plan ahead" I always daydreamed I'd be that person.

I'd be the go-to-girl and people would ask me a question and marvel in how I knew the answer so quickly. "What are your plans for Wednesday night?" and I'd be able to answer without batting an eyelash.

I so wanted to be that girl. That uuber-organized girl.

I have become that girl.

We recently took a vacation, and before leaving I had enough time to plan out the week afters menu; this way I didn't have to think when we got home and my brain was still airplane mush.

When I was writing my menu for the week after the vacation I became so proud of myself. I mean, here I was actually taking a few minutes today; to save me a few minutes in a week. That's incredible. That's gold-medal-worthy. That's the new me. I plan.

The hubs and I have always "planned" things. Like when we wanted to get married, when we wanted to get a dog, buy a house, take vacations...that kinda stuff. The big stuff. I always let the smaller stuff just lay. Just be stuff.

Since acquiring more time, I have the ability to plan the small "stuff" now and feel more at ease with daily life. (Not to say I hid from daily life in a paper bag, I just didn't really think beyond a certain point.)

So how'd I do it? Easy. I made a list of what we typically eat in a week. (The list weighed heavily on pizza, tacos and something-chicken)...then I started looking at the weekly circulars from the supermarkets, and planned out our meals based on what was going to be on sale that week. It got pretty from there...and for that, I'm thankful.

If you haven't thought of making a weekly menu for your family; what are you waiting for? Beyond making my life easier (by taking the thinking out of my busy afternoons) it helps keep me on my budget!

So there you have it. The new me. I plan.