Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lets talk about the tiny trend...

No matter what store I walk into, they have small serving pieces on display. The tiny trend is to have multiple, small, servings of treats for your party. Pier 1 calls this trend "Tasting Party".

I took the bait and bought my own tiny serving pieces and used 'em at a recent party we hosted. One of the treats I made (with the help of my bestie, Caitlin) was this yummy-banana-creation

Pros and cons of making these little portions:
- You get to buy the cute little pieces (most of them come with the cutest little spoons)
- Feeling like a real chef, piping the filling into the glasses
- They look so pretty (and, dare I say, professional) when they are completed
- You can go back and have seconds without feeling like a little piggy because the portions are so small!

- Because they are so tiny, if you make a mistake, its pretty obvious
- You have to make like 5+ of any one dessert, to make the platter look full
- If you have men at the party, they tend to wonder where the rest of the dessert is
- The glasses don't stack which makes after-party clean up and storage a little difficult

CB2 has some super cute tiny serving pieces too, check them out here.